Via this page I will republish all content that I have written for other (online) publications, such as Vino Valencia, Catavino and others.

A little introduction of the different publications and why I write for them.


Vino Valencia organises monthly wine events in Valencia, Spain. The events are set up as social/business networking events and use the wines from the Comunitat Valenciana as a vehicle and common interest factor. Mid 2009 I was asked to join Vino Valencia for my experience and expertise on wines in general and specifically Valencia wines.

Every month Vino Valencia offers 3 quality wines from 3 different wineries and my publications are a few paragraphs of informative text on each of them.

In only a few years, which focuses on wines from the Iberian Peninsula, has become a very successful wine blog. They now already belong to one of the hundred most popular wine blogs in the world!

When in May 2009 one of their regular writers left, I was asked to write 3 articles per month for Catavino.