Article (by me) on Frona Eunice Wait in “Wayward Tendrils Quarterly”

Frona Eunice Wait (1897 photo)

Way back in February this year I contacted “Wayward Tendrils Quarterly“. A wine collectors’ book society” to follow up a fragment reference in this periodical to one of my heroines, Frona Eunice Wait (1859–1946), that I’d come across in Google Books. Little did I imagine that this enquiry, following a characteristically prompt and enthusuiastically helpful response from Gail Unzelman, the guiding spirit of WTQ, would lead to me writing an article on Frona for the august organ, but my copy of the July issue (Vol. 21, No. 3) arrived in the post today, and there it is. The first twelve pages are taken up by my “Frona Eunice Wait: ‘Herculean deeds of Worthwhile Achievement’”.

Wayward Tendrils Quarterly, July 2011

Frona Eunice wrote one of the first books on Californian wine, but her life was fascinating and multi-faceted. From a harsh frontier childhood and teenage marriage and motherhood, she became a celebrated authoress and “Club Woman”. She was a Californian whose personal trajectory embodied that of the state itself from “Gold Rush” scrabbling to sedate grandeur.

WTQ is by subscription only, so you have an excuse for not reading the article. For those who care to discover more about the remarkable Frona, I’m making the PDF available here Frona Eunice Wait: “Herculean Deeds of Worthwhile Achievement”.