“Red as Alicante wine”: 500 years of Alicante wine in English life and culture

“Red as Alicante wine” is how James I described the colour of his urine to the royal physician. His predecessor, Elizabeth I, was said to have ““loved Alicant wine above any other”. These are a couple of the many aristocratic, literary, political and merely vinous invocations of Alicante wine in English that are included in my article “‘Red as Alicante wine’: The Wines of Alicante in English Life and Letters, 1500—2007″ published in the latest issue of “Wayward Tendrils Quarterly“. Shakespeare himself puts in an enigmatic appearance alongside sundry playwrights from the Tudor and Stuart eras.

For those who care to read the whole article, I am including the relevant WTQ pages. The forest of footnotes and arcane references may not be to everyone’s taste, but I became facinated by the subject, and I’m pleased to have helped put this into the public domain.

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